Smart Drugs? Nootropics At A Glance


boost brain power with nootropicsThe idea of a smart world has led to the creation of many smarter innovations: smart TVs, smart cars, and even smart homes! Perhaps the single most “smart invention” was that of computers. That was the starting point that ultimately led to the rediscovery of a world modern in its dealings and dwellings of a modern man. Nonetheless, the desire for a subsequent “bigger and better” appears to have never subsided. It shows in everything that man does. And perhaps the most desired “innovation” is that of a smarter mind. As such, seemingly countless ways to improve the functions of the brain have come up. One of these ways is the production and use of nootropics.

What are nootropics?

Classified as drugs, these “cognitive enhancers” are either extracted from nature or produced synthetically. Their primary purpose remains that of improving, managing, and ameliorating cognitive deficits, or that of fixing sleepiness and unfocused attention.

As medicine, in the form of either eugeroics or ADHD medication, they are pharmaceutically produced to treat a number of issues related to the brain. But many healthy individuals also make use of them as supplements to improve memory power and retention. In general, these drugs work by either improving blood flow to the brain; boosting adrenaline; or raising the number of neurotransmitters in the body.

There are, however, certain risks associated with the consumption and ingestion of these brain boosters.

The number one issue related to their use is the lack of evidence-based research and data that backs up the many claims that revolve around their efficiency. The allegations are weak. Simultaneously, the drugs ability to change the levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine in the blood increases the body’s reliance on the substance and that creates a “dependency.”

There’s also the fact that many researchers speculate that the seemingly “mind-enhancing” capabilities of these memory boosters are merely used as a facade. A mirage, to be poetic. The effects only show up until the drug remains in the body. And instead of actually improving memory power and function, they only “work” by creating a state of alertness, activity, and attentiveness in the body. Almost like a caffeine high.

No matter where an individual is in the journey of health and well-being, getting correct knowledge and information should precede every other priority. It is only through evidence and research that progress is witnessed, especially in matters of the human body.