The first great merit of social networks is undoubtedly that of having facilitated communication: it is enough to have an Internet connection to talk in real time with people on the other side of the globe, thanks to webcams even seeing their face Køb Instagram Følgere.

We manage to maintain contacts over time more easily and procure others even more easily, and in this huge network of actual social networks, data travels at the velocity of light and impressions circulate and change continuously, also allowing the dissemination of information ” unofficial ”that could not be disseminated. This way whatever kind of information isaccessible to anyone, in a simple, sometimes invasive way. We need to inform what we are thinking, where we are, with whom we are, to express feelings and relationships online without any reserve or privacy. The strange world of relationships in the age of networks, since one can also think that a revolution is taking place. The era of the Network that makes itself known everything about everyone in a very short time.

Despite the merits to be given to social networks, it is also necessary to talk about the problems they hide. There are many who have managed to earn the much-coveted fifteen minutes of popularity in the virtual square, even at the cost of ridiculing themselves or turning the spotlight on their private life. It is important to protect your personal data to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. In our days we are distracted by the vulgar style of doing politics through Network ads, forgetting that the politician as a primary task has: the ability to relate, to consult, to look beyond because a law, a decree is a serious response to the need of the community HUMAN and CIVIL. Music, cinema, advertising and commerce speak on the network.

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It should be borne in mind that while promoting the improvement of basic connections, social networks direct several users to separate themselves from actual social being as online relationships are more effortlessly managed. In fact, the development of social networks has inevitably brought about consequences in the change of social interactions, both positive and negative.

The drama of loneliness in this third millennium is very serious. We think of online medicine, the online psychologist, online love meetings, all through the filter, with affective and sensory sensations limited to the web. But the Web, the networks are not objectively negative realities, on the contrary, Carl Popper insisted in saying with the now obsolete television bad teacher or good teacher, but the distinction lies precisely in the quality of the user.